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Mint Memoire Studios we are dedicated to helping you keep those especial memories, mint. Our Studio offers clients a variety of photography specialties ranging from Weddings, Family Portraits, Quinces, Wedding Engagements, Newborn sessions, Maternity, Ballerina, and more. Our commitment is to deliver professionalism and top of the line service while capturing images with especial character and persona. We proudly provide clients a truly unique photographic experience on every assignment.

Mint Memoire Studios is a division of Buznego Photo Studio; a well known commercial photography business founded in 1952 in Havana, Cuba, by Manuel Buznego Sr. The Studio was re-located to Madrid in 1969 where was successfully family operated until 1980, when it was moved to Miami.
Mr Buznego's main goal was to "deliver excellence in each picture." At
Mint Memoire Studios we cultivate that same principle, portraying your memories in pristine detail.

Through the years we have developed a personalized touch that sets us apart from from the competition. Every project is unique and we dedicate all the time and care necessary to understand our client's request. We envision to present our clients their memories unforgetably clean and clear, Mint Memoires.

We hope you like our quality, style and products, so you can select us with confidence to portrait those unique moments. For more information do not hesitate to give us a call at (305) 582-2279 or (305) 588-0209, or click on the link above.

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